Delicatessen was very interesting and felt like a mix of genres to me. There was murder and cannabalism involved yet it was humorous at the same time. It starts off with a man looking very frightened and he seemingly ends up getting butchered. I automatically thought it was going to be a very bloody movie. When the new handyman arrived, I was ready to watch a horror. But as the story progressed, I began to realize that it was not what I assumed it was going to be. The bubble scene and The scene where the butcher was making love with a tenant was the start of when I became sure it actually wasn’t a horror. I thought this scene was such a funny way to showcase the lives and jobs of all the people living in the building. I also found the lady who was always trying to commit suicide very funny because she kept failing in the most ridicuous ways and I wondered if the voice was something only she could hear and maybe she is depressed, but then I find out at the end that a tenant was behind it all along. Also, I loved the scene where the daughter invited the handyman to her room and she was pouring too much tea and tipping over the vase and making all sorts of misses all because she removed her glasses. I think this might be my favorite. There is one thing I noticed though, and that’s the fact that she seemed to be functioning just fine without her glasses towards the end when her and the handyman were trying to escape the butcher.


I do see that this film is post apocalyptic and people who are going through the hardships of poverty sort of began to eat each other in order to survive. But there are some parts that I am still not grasping the meaning behind. I have no idea what the man who had all these frogs in his room symbolized. I am also slightly confused about the folks that the daugther met in what looked like the sewer. All I know is that their purpose is to steal the butchers food supply. Whatever the case, I feel that the message to me is that desperate life or death situations can push people to do crazy things. I feel this is not irrelevant to the world we live in right now where economic conditons are rough and life is stressfull. It’s hard not to take away from others for your own safety in such a world. It could be a sort of warning that the horror of cannibalism may possibly be our future. Delicatessen told all this in such a dark yet humorous way and it was very enjoyable for me to watch because it’s funny but it left me with a little something to think about.


One thought on “Delicatessen

  1. I agree this movie was definitely a mix of genres. It had some romance. It had humor like a comedy, sure it was dark humor but humor none the less. It had the components of a horror and it was a French film. It was the weirdest film I have ever seen.


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