I really liked the start of the movie because there is a lot of suspense and action straight away. Right from the start this got me hooked as it provided me a glimpse of what the movie is all about and I wanted to find out more. There are a few twists along the way which also make the movie really clever and I found myself laughing a lot which is my favorite thing when watching a movie. The whole lighting for the movie is very dark and mysterious. It reflects the gory nature of the film and in my opinion represents the apocalyptic genre very well.

Apart from the few scenes in the sewers towards the end the whole movie was filmed in one location. I believe this is a very brave thing to do because some films are set in multiple locations with spectacular scenery and effects. Whereas to film a whole movie in one location without a lot of modern effects and for it to be entertaining means a lot more rests on the quality of the acting and the storyline.

There were so many different genres in this film. A love story, with horror, action and comedy. I am not a big fan of horror because I think they usually have very weak story lines. However for me this film struck a good balance between a little bit of horror and gore with mostly comedy and an interesting look at how people might survive in a post-apocalyptic world. During the movie most of the people in the house could be seen as opposed to what was happening however they went along with it in order to survive. Even the butcher at one point almost changed his ways. The cannibalism in the film gave it most of its horror aspect and especially when the butcher was killing people with the knife and the fearsome look on his face.

I liked how the people living underground were briefly mentioned throughout the movie and this gave us an impression how they would play a part in what was to come. I kept asking myself “who are these people they keep talking about” this was an excellent use of foreshadowing and provided another twist to the film.

Overall I really liked the movie, I was very entertained throughout and enjoyed seeing a movie in another language. Louison, played by Dominique Pinon was really entertaining and funny and so was the Butchers daughter Julie, played by Marie-Laure Dognap especially in the scene she was trying to impress Pinon so decided not to wear her glasses.


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