At first, I did not think that I would enjoy this film because I did not know if the director could pull off the combination of two completely different genres –horror and comedy– together and make it flow seamlessly. But I was proven wrong and I actually really enjoyed this film. I loved how all of the tenants in the apartment complex had completely different character traits and views on the matters that were happening to them. One thing I found interesting is how at the end of the film the clown still stayed in the apartment complex knowing that the people who resided there had previously been eating human flesh. Like how was he not scared of that fact. I know desperate times call for desperate measures but even if the people that are living there are ‘cool,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will stop eating people forever. So at the conclusion of the film I was stuck on what the couples future would look like and how the people in apartment building lives would change because the butcher was no longer alive and able to serve them human flesh.



One thought on “Delicatessen

  1. Rachel, I really never thought about how all of the different tenants brought differing personalities and traits to the plate in Delicatessen. It seemed like every resident, the family, their curious children, the butcher, and his daughter, had extremely different but complimenting personalities. I think the director did a great job of crossing genres in a seamless fashion.


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