The Delicatessen is one of those movies you see and ask yourself after, “What the hell did I just watch?” However in this case, it’s meant in a good way.  The film is ironic in itself as it depicts a dystopian society with cannabalism, poverty, desperation, and suicide yet in a comedic manner. The unique plot and turn of events kept me continuously surprised and hooked on what would happen next. The film definitely wouldn’t be classified as “predictable” perhaps except for the common “happy ending”. One thing different about the Delicatessen from most films, is a lot of things were unclear and left to the viewers imagination. While watching the film this annoyed me a little as I asked myself questions like “What caused the house and those living there to be so isolated?”, and “How did the men in the sewers tie into things and what were they trying to accomplish?”. The film did not recount the past events that led them to the present story, nor did it go much into the past lives if the characters.  However this could serve as a positive tool allowing everyone to interpret it as they chose, making it similar to a piece of artwork at a museum. With all that said I can really appreciate this film for its ability to tie in humour with tragedy and keep me entertained.


2 thoughts on “Delicatessen

  1. I really love your view in the film. I too had to ask myself “What the hell did I just watch?” In the same manner it was for the fact that the plot of the movie was so brilliantly written, I was shocked that such morbid ideas could be turned into raunchy comedy. The irony of it all is what gets to me. Knowing that even in the end in which people are literally eating other people, laughter can still prevail.


    1. MGreene44 😉

      Oh yeah, I totally agree with the beauty of leaving many questions about the movie unanswered, which was kind of frustrating at the same time, because I wanted to know more.

      Also, the fact that the story basically happed only in the house was slightly claustrophobic for me, because I was assuming that people were getting little crazy just because they never left the house and were dealing same problems again and again. Something I would get definitely super crazy!


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