Delicatessen sceneI had no expectation when I watched this film. I read some information about it but that all changed my impression afterwards. The first thing that stuck out to me was how sporadic the use of the color yellow was in some of the background and environment. The location of the film seemed to be mainly focused on the delicatessen and its neighborhood. The weather seemed to be one of the main influences. I also found it interesting that there were a lot of shots of the pipes in the building and in the sewers.

I also found the characters amusing from the main protagonist who used to be a clown and the woman who felt she was insane. The comedic moments to me was her attempts at suicide where she devise an elaborate plan to execute herself however it fails in the last moments.


3 thoughts on “Delicatessen

  1. Hi Ghalleck84, I thought the same way when watching this film for I had no idea what I was expecting especially the type of environment it had to it. I didn’t think the setting was very apocalyptic in the beginning of the film, it wasn’t until later on watching the film it then set the tone. I thought the use of yellow tone in the film made it seemed old fashioned and definitely set the toned in some of scenes. I also found it amusing with the characters for they all had their own characters and quirks. Especially, the woman who tried to commit suicide, but her attempts always failed. Which always gives me a chuckle just thinking about it.


  2. Finally! Someone else caught on to the atmosphere! However, I did not find the one female character’s attempt at suicide to be as funny as some did.


  3. @gschiefe You should keep in mind sometimes humor is a way to bring about thought provocation and further analysis beyond the screens of Hollywood. While I would argue vigorously with anyone ignorant enough to say suicide good of the merits of seeking help when depressed; I am sure those types are few and far between. Remember Robin Williams, his death has sparked movements to solve the issues far beyond anyone could have ever expected. While this argument might be silly especially because there is no way the writers were anti-suicide advocates never underestimate the influence of film on society.


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