IT Film Review

The adaption of Stephen King’s most elusive novel, “It”, has been one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. Following the 1990 version from Tommy Lee Wallace, Director Andres Muschietti had a large set of shoes to fill. “It” combines horror with prevalent comedy to produce a pleasantly surprising crossover film, something that has yet to be done in 2017.



Opening with the famous murder of Georgie Denbrough, I was immediately shocked and entranced by the gory and cinematic undertaking of little Georgie. Pennywise’s uncanny ability to entice and frighten myself, and the rest of the audience, was certainly not lost throughout the entirety of the film. Billie, Richie, Eddie, Beverly and the rest of the “losers” club were united in unique and unsettling ways, mostly at the hands of the towns bully, Patrick Hockstetter. Almost every nightmare and close encounter the kids had with Pennywise was filled with well shot footage and full circle comedy, something you don’t find often in today’s flight of horror movies.

Without revealing any plot points or critical moments in the film, it’s safe to say that “It” had me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie’s 135 minute run time. The “losers” of Derry, Maine were able to make me laugh and cry, all without the help of Pennywise.


2 thoughts on “IT Film Review

  1. I heard this film was really funny and not so much scary. I have never seen the original “It” which I should if I want to really appreciate this film. However, it is great to know that the clown “Pennywise” does not loose his momentum throughout the film. Thanks for not ruining the plot for those who haven’t seen the old or new version!

    However, I’d like to know more about the different shots they had in this film. You said it was “filled with well shot footage” so I’d just like to hear more about the shots. What made them well. The lighting? The angle? Was there a specific spot that stands out in your head or something you’ve never seen before? That would make this review a little more in depth and let the reader know how “It” really stood out from other horror films. But I’m glad you didn’t just say it was a good or bad movie!

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  2. I have yet to experience the new released movie of “It”. I enjoyed watching the original movie back then. It surely was a horror film in addition to the olden day film background and setting. I hope this new “It” won’t be disappointing. Like you said, you did enjoy the movie but I am also curious to why the film turn to the route in a little comedy.

    In addition, I believe film has been developing and becoming better. Hopefully the change in filming and animation will make this new “It” movie different and better than the other. Im looking forward to seeing this movie one day.

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