Side by Side

The documentary film “Side by Side” explores the concepts behind film and digital production and how they both brought new directions in filmmaking, how some aspects were lost, and what the future may hold for film and digital. Keanu Reeves interviews with directors, artists, and other professionals regarding their experiences using both film and digital which I found really interesting because Reeves was able to gain different opinions from different professionals in the film industry. I thought he would just interview directors, but he also interviewed producers, editors, and film students. The film concentrates on the evolution of digital production as it may replace film as the source of creating and sharing movies. “Side by Side” ends with Reeves asking his interviewees the question “is this the end of film.” I really liked how he ended this film with that question because the movie shows how digital production may replace the use of film and getting different opinions like how some prefer the use of film over digital or the use of digital over film was engaging. It shined light to the benefits of film and also the benefits of digital.


2 thoughts on “Side by Side

  1. Solid review of side by side! I sympathize with you in regards to Keanu Reeves asking, “is this the end of film?” I liked how he ended with that. I also liked how he interviewed all sorts of people with different occupations in the film industry other than directors. It’s nice to gain their perspective. Solid post!


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