Side by Side | ft. Keanu Reeves (2012)

This documentary focuses on the differences between film (celluloid/) and digital filmmaking. This is something truly interesting if you (like me) had no clue that there was that big of an impact to the industry. With film, there were different people’s perspectives that preferred digital because you can stop and see what you recorded and do the scene over, whereas for film, you have to wait a day for your “daily’s” to receive the film back from processing. In that sense, there were a few people who appreciated time waited because it was more precious; actors, directors, etc. only had a certain amount of time to film certain scenes, which made each scene more valuable. In my opinion, I prefer digital due to the technical advancements. Major Influencers/Advocates for Digital such as James Cameron and George Lucas in this film had strong thoughts about digital, referencing the growth of the tech, which I too believe in. I prefer the ability to stop and recreate the best scenes if deemed fit by the director in his vision. Movies such as Star Wars and Avatar were great films that were filmed digitally. What do you all think? Which do you prefer?


2 thoughts on “Side by Side | ft. Keanu Reeves (2012)

  1. After I watched this film, I felt it is not easy to do the cinema. I agree with you, this is interesting. When I watched the film, that was film making and technical advancement helped a lot of things on the film making.

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  2. What do I think? Which methods do I prefer? Why does it matter… again Victor you take a subject, hit the key points and add killer analysis why would it matter what I think? If you wrote this piece with any doubt of its greatness let me assure you it is amazing!

    The strongest aspect though of the documentary you nailed; the subjects interviewed. It would be impossible for anyone to try to bunk any of the topics discussed because it has already been done. Reeves looked at both sides of the digital vs. not digital debate, found the best in the fields and interviewed them. Solid access to experts on both sides of the debate I certainly do not feel anyone could have done this documentary better than Reeves.

    Much like Reeves, I do not think anyone could have written this review better than Victor… keep writing and keep impressing all of your fans. Victor, did you realize your YouTube page just received its 500,000th follower? Amazing work!


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