Some Like it Hot- Movie Review


In my Beginners Theater class (THEAT 2320), we had to watch and analyze the film “Some like it Hot” staring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. This romantic-comedy film was released in 1959 and was directed by Billy Wilder. I analyzed the screenplay, acting,  cinematography, and costume design. After analyzing the different aspects of this film, critiqued the director. 

I think the screenplay was hilarious. The lines the characters spoke did not seem overthought or too out of the box, but were still hilarious. I thought the whole idea of the screenplay was great and is still relevant today. To combine a mobster and romantic comedy genre together made this film different and interesting to watch. The beginning of the film was focused more on the mobster point of view, the middle was strictly focused on the romantic comedy aspect, and in the end it all came together again. I think both males and females enjoy this movie because of this mix.

When it comes to Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, I loved their acting skills. They were hilarious without really trying, and their facial expressions were so expressive it made everything they did more hilarious. The way they used their body language really sold on the fact that they were out-of place women. It wouldn’t be funny if they easily blended in with the other women. Marilyn Monroe’s role was to play a “dumb blond”  because that’s what people wanted to see in those times. Although it is not what we are used to nowadays, she does a great job at playing her given role. She had the excitement and wanderlust emotions her character needed.

I thought the cinematographer in this film was really good. I noticed that there were lots of pans and zooms throughout the film. Although, when there was a conversation happening the camera would settle to one position and hold that frame for the duration of their talking. And when people were not talking, there would be a camera movement. I think that having the camera settle on the talking characters allowed us to be focused on what they were saying, and the movements helped us understand what was happening around them.

some_like_it_hot_2The most successful custom design would be the very first outfit we see Sugar wearing. Almost all of the other girls,  were wearing all white. Some had black clothing articles, but Sugar’s completely solid black tight-fitting dress made her stand out.  All of the men wore nice suits and looks handsome throughout the movie. The idea of Joe stealing the suitcase and wearing the sailor suit, hat and glasses was really funny because that is what Sugar was describing to him earlier in the film.

Overall I think the director, Billy Wilder, envisioned and created a great piece of art with this film. It was hilarious then, and is still hilarious now. I feel like this film will continue to make people laugh as generations pass and the storyline will never go old. However, the one unsuccessful aspect of this film would be the costume choices for the leading male characters. I did like the costumes, but they matched each other’s costumes too well. They both had hats, wore white, and had short wigs. During and after the “slumber party” scene on the train, I was totally deceived. I thought Sugar was talking to Jerry, but she was really telling Joe about her fantasy man. And after that scene, when they are arriving at the hotel, I again thought Jerry was linking arms with Sugar, but it was Joe instead. I was pretty confused, and being that the director made the final decision on the wardrobe selection, this was my biggest critic.

One thought on “Some Like it Hot- Movie Review

  1. This movie, though it is considered to be a classical hollywood film, would not bode well if it were to be released today. The wholesome content of the two best friends and the mischief they get up to is quite charming, and I think this film is another prime example of how men secretly adore dressing up in dresses, wigs and makeup. This is a very funny film as you stated, with classic 1950s humor, and will continue to only be as pleasing as it is because it is a black and white film, bringing a sense of comfort to avid film consumers.


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