Citizen Kane

This movie was really good in my opinion. Its crazy to think that I would never have thought to watch a movie that was black and white and actually end up enjoying it. I thought the intro to this film was really intriguing, it being sort of like newspaper announcement. I appreciated how well they gave perspectives from many other characters other than the main one. At times it felt overwhelming because you didn’t know how to feel or who to trust. Each character gave you a different insight on to what they were going through hand dealing with. I felt that this is very similar to the one Wolf on Wall Street or Great Gatsby. Basically this rise of money and fame ultimately ends up in failure. The sled “rosebud” was a symbol, much like the green light from The Great Gatsby. You, the audience, are waiting to see what it means and what it symbolizes which creates tension. Overall I thought the film was good, and well organized especially when it came to the different perspectives of the characters.


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