One Cut of the Dead

I went to see One Cut of The Dead because I was interested to see a one take zombie movie. Easily, One Cut of The Dead is my favorite film I have seen this year. Last year at HIFF I went to see a scary movie thinking it was going to be a documentary, this year I went to an audience-friendly comedy thinking I was going to see a scary zombie movie.
HIFF is always keeping me on my toes as a viewer, and I have yet to be disappointed!

As a film student at HPU aspiring to work in any facet in the media, I was completely captivated by the movie.  The One Cut of The Dead is a film about making a film that is about making a film.   Each character was very well developed with a depth most films today miss.  The lead role was a male, but I was most impressed with the female characters.  The mom’s character was the funniest, followed closely by the female producer.  Both of them had artful comedic timing.  I laughed to tears with the mom’s dedication to her craft.
The daughter’s character pulls on the heart strings to brings the audience in a full circle of emotion. Director Shinichiro Ueda’s personal slogan,  “Making films which will be fun after 100 years” reminds me of the kind of movies I loved as a kid and still do.

In my grandest aspirations I want to be a director like Stanley Kubrick.  I found myself relating to the director in this film.  In the spoof film, that does deliver on the single cut zombie feature, I found myself crying with laughter.  The  director character embodied what I imagine myself doing in an alternate universe.  He wasn’t getting reactions from his actors, he wanted real fear.  So he staged the filming at haunted place were bizarre government experimentations took place to set the mood.  Then for authenticity, a small blood sacrifice.  I could imagine myself saying, or perhaps I already have, “if you want it to look authentic then you have to make it authentic.” I think secretly many other directors could imagine the same.

Director Shinichiro Ueda delivers a modern audience-friendly movie that appeals to all audiences.  One Cut of The Dead gives you all the wonderful feelings that few movies do: wonder, excitement, disappointment, success, love, fear, isolation, and camaraderie.

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