Congratulations Class of 2017!!!

Hi everyone my name is Yukari, I am a Multimedia Cinematic Production major from Chiba, Japan. Although I still have two more semesters to finish my degree, I know most of my classmates are leaving me (WHY!?!? *crying*). I would like to take this opportunity here to say thank you all very much for being supportive, kind and most importantly, patient with my poor English. When I first came here in Hawaii, I had no friends and my English was much worse. For the reason I was very scared to form a group for school projects, but you guys all … Continue reading Congratulations Class of 2017!!!

Final Project Critique “If I were President”

Director/ Producer: Yukari Kamiya Cinematographer: Kaito Orihara, Victorya Verleysen Editor: Dinesh Grung Equipments: Sony α6300/ 18-108mm Zoom Lens Location: Hawaii Pacific University We had interviews with several international students and got over ten minutes long footage, so we decided to make a video out of clips we took on campus. It is a very serious topic so I asked Dinesh to make it look casual and funny with memes. Dinesh did a great job editing, the video turned out very funny but yet not offensive. I want my audience to laugh and enjoy this video and to know some facts … Continue reading Final Project Critique “If I were President”

Music Video Critique “Focus – H.E.R”

Director/ Producer: Yukari Kamiya / Alexandria Allen Cinematographer: Yukari Kamiya/ Alexandria Allen/ Dinesh Grung Equipments: Sony α6300/ 18-108mm Zoom Lens/ Cannon Location: Ala Moana Beach, HUB (Art Museum) This project is so far my favorite of all the excursuses I did for this class. Alex and I came up with the idea of “chill-vibes” but we did not really have a story to it. We started filming before sunset and the sky turned out really pretty, and we decided to make this video with pink and light-blue colors. Although we don’t have a story, we were able to create the … Continue reading Music Video Critique “Focus – H.E.R”

Landscape Critique “A Day in Hawaii”

Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Yukari Kamiya Equipments: Sony α6300/ 18-108mm Zoom Lens/ Tripod Location: Ala Moana Beach, Lanikai Beach, Ala Moana Mall, Streets in Honolulu I took a bunch of landscape videos in several places on island and named this video “A Day in Hawaii.” I put morning shots first, then evening shots, and night shots in the end. This video is for people who do not live in Hawaii to know what Hawaiian town looks like in a few minutes. At first I was planning to film from the top of a mountain, but during the days the weather had … Continue reading Landscape Critique “A Day in Hawaii”