Why Chinese Movies Have (Bilingual) Subtitles?

Chinese movies have one of the differences from foreign countires is billngual subtitles (even Chinese dramas and varieties have the subtitles too). Two langueages that we use are Chinese and English as subtitles. There are some reasons why Chinese movies have (bilingual) subtitles. (screenshot from “Sikptrace”) First reason is dialect. Besides mandarin and cantonese (cantonese is Chinese dialect), China has lots of dialects; different provinces have different dialects. For example, I come from northeast of China, but I don’t understand south dialects. When people come from different provinces, we talk in mandarin with each others. Some Chinese movies have some different … Continue reading Why Chinese Movies Have (Bilingual) Subtitles?

A History of Chinese Cinema (part)

On August 11, 1896, “Western Movie” played in Shanghai. It was China’s first movie projection. Chinese filmmaking was  born in 1905. The founder of Beijing Fengtai photo place, Ren Qingtai, filmed “Ding Jun Shan” starring Tan Xinpei. This was the first film made by a Chinese filmmaker. In 1977, film production in China began to recover.  Betweeen 1925 to 1927, there were 140 small and medium size film companies in Shanghai. Guangzhou, Peking (now Beijing), Tianjin and other cities also became involved in shooting films. In 1931, Chinese film company completed the first sound film “Sunshine After Rain” in Japan. … Continue reading A History of Chinese Cinema (part)

Wolf Warriors II

This summer I watched a movie called “Wolf Warriors II” in China. This movie directed by Jason Wu and he is main character in the movie. After watching, it aroused our patriotism. The Wolf Warriors II not only release in China, it also released overseas. After the release, it broke Chinese movies record: a hundred million in 4 days. Why this movie is very popular now? This movie released on July 27, but today it sill shows in the theaters. Every year June to July or August is the domestic film protection in China. It also released before Chinese Army … Continue reading Wolf Warriors II