“Sink or Swim” Review

Sink or Swim is a French comedy about an all-male synchronized swim team, exploring mental health and masculine identity in the modern age. The film swings between seriousness and levity more nimbly than most American films, reminiscent of the darker varieties of British comedy. The main character is clinically depressed and out of work, with no friends and a gang of horrid in-laws. He joins the team for no particularly strong reason, but very quickly the team itself becomes the main fixture of the movie. The sport of synchronized swimming is only incidental, but the people who compose the team … Continue reading “Sink or Swim” Review

The Bicycle Thief Reaction

Spoiler Alert! Reading this post will spoil the movie for you. First, I have to say that this movie has to be one of my most hated EVER! This is more of a rant that anything… The ending was garbage in my eyes. The main character fell so low as to find a bike all alone in the street, leave his son to take the trolly home alone, steal that bike, get caught, get let go and then cut – the end. What a movie! I mean, wow. The movie title is what it is. The main character gets his … Continue reading The Bicycle Thief Reaction

Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette)

What is unemployment like, people who have not lost their jobs may not fully understand it. With such a heavy burden material with sharp blow, a jobless people how to face the life? What kind of death is it to be made to turn a man into a lotus flower? After world war II, Rome likes many other cities, was filled with unemployment and poverty, and people often fought for a job, and the film through the tragic experience of Italian workers after the second world war, reflected the social conditions of Italy at that time. It’s a film that grabs … Continue reading Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette)

La jetée

The film tells a story of the end of the world with a completely static picture. The story assumes a major background, the third world war, the so-called nuclear war, which was taken in 1962 and the world was in a state of extreme cold war, so the rumors of the third world war often appeared in the media or in the mouths of some politicians, and the background was of great significance. Thirty minutes of mirroring tells of an extraordinary time and space transition that is associated with human memory, which is interesting and raw. The film is the most … Continue reading La jetée