HIFF 38 Reflection

Before Hiff 38, I’d never attended a film festival as a guest but merely staffed one as an employee of an independent movie theatre. I felt spoiled for choice as I looked through the catalog of films. It was far from the limited selection of action flicks and remakes usually put out for wide distribution in theatres. I chose my movies mostly at random–I didn’t want to overanalyze my picks and end up seeing what I usually do. This proved to be the right choice; the two movies of which I knew absolutely nothing turned out to be among the … Continue reading HIFF 38 Reflection

“Sink or Swim” Review

Sink or Swim is a French comedy about an all-male synchronized swim team, exploring mental health and masculine identity in the modern age. The film swings between seriousness and levity more nimbly than most American films, reminiscent of the darker varieties of British comedy. The main character is clinically depressed and out of work, with no friends and a gang of horrid in-laws. He joins the team for no particularly strong reason, but very quickly the team itself becomes the main fixture of the movie. The sport of synchronized swimming is only incidental, but the people who compose the team … Continue reading “Sink or Swim” Review