Reviewing the “Unstoppable” Bethany Hamilton – HIFF

The other film I missed was the documentary ‘UNSTOPPABLE’, which features the story of Bethany Hamilton throughout her childhood into motherhood and highlights all of the struggles and challenges that she had to overcome to achieve massive success in the … Continue reading Reviewing the “Unstoppable” Bethany Hamilton – HIFF

Spring Break in Bali

Spring break 2018 was one I’ll never forget.   Although it started in Australia we after a week between Sydney and Melbourne we finally hopped on a plane and headed to Bali. This has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. Of course being the youngest in my family, after seeing my older cousins shred in Padang Padang I had to follow in their footsteps. We landed quite late at night, so obviously we couldn’t see five feet in front of our face. We get in our car, and of course because we’re in a foreign country … Continue reading Spring Break in Bali

Avatar and Globalization

The video ‘Avatar in Bil’in’ published by  youtube account ‘Haitham Khatib” is a great example of people’s abilities in this modern age to share what is going on in their lives wherever they are on an extremely global platform. This particular video upload is unique to what you might typically see from protest videos. In this demonstration, there are men and women dressed up dressed up as Na’vi creatures or more commonly known as ‘Avatars’ from the 2009 James Cameron film Avatar. Provoking its viewers to ask Why did they choose to do so?, and look the plot. In the … Continue reading Avatar and Globalization