The Military’s Role Within the Radio Industry

What was the role of the military in the formation of the Radio industry? What other media industries has the Military Industrial Complex impacted and how so? On April 7, 1917 all amateur and commercial use of radio came to a stop; civilian radio activities were suspended during World War I and the radio industry was pretty much taken over by the government. The United States Navy was given temporary ownership of the radio industry and technology because of maritime implementation.  A variety of military applications were developed, such as direct communication with airplanes. Furthermore, this created an entire industry … Continue reading The Military’s Role Within the Radio Industry

The Man Who Founded the Radio Industry

Guglielmo Marconi Guglielmo Marconi was born in Bologna, Italy in 1874. He was a physicist and inventor known for the creation of radio technology. Through his experiments in wireless telegraphy, Marconi was able to create the first effective system of radio communication. By 1899 Marconi’s signals had crossed the English Channel. The same year, Marconi traveled to the United States, where he gained publicity offering wireless coverage of America’s Cup yacht race from off the coast of New Jersey. From 1874-1937 he developed, demonstrated and even marketed the first long-distance wireless telegraph. In 1909 he broadcasted the first transatlantic signal and … Continue reading The Man Who Founded the Radio Industry